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Claudia Judith Weber-Eiling
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Psychological counseling Aachen

Life brings ups and downs. In the course of life, many problems and concerns can arise in which you or your environment suffer and call for change or support. Concerns are always individual and therefore solutions are likewise.

Problems are considered as opportunity for change. In our sessions you will find room for your concerns and together we will individually develop, new step by step solutions to the current situation.

Possible therapy goals:

  • Constructively managing life crises
  • Overcoming self-esteem issues
  • Reducing mental stress
  • Finding solutions to conflict situations
  • Overcoming separation and grief
  • Reducing unhealthy habits
  • Overcoming depressive moods
  • Developing personality

First session

I invite you to a non-binding first session of about 45 minutes, in which there is room for getting to know each other and discussing your concerns. After our conversation, we agree on precise goals and appropriate methods for their achievement.

Duration and cost

The amount of sessions will be discussed with you, according to your individual needs. The first session costs 115 Euro, every follow-up consultation session costs 145 Euro.

Health insurance and confidentiality

You settle the costs of our services as a self-payer and get session appointments without long waiting periods. Further information can be found in the service agreements that will be handed out to you on the first session.

Make an appointment

Please send us your message to and we will contact you as soon as possible.